TSM Volunteer Opportunities
Where Can I Serve?

Disciple the next generation!

Trailside Student Ministry Volunteers- TSM is looking for leaders that are called to help disciple students, 6th to 12thgrade, to let them know that they are just as much a part of the church as the adults. A TSM leader should be called to share the love of Christ with students by sharing the gospel, their personal testimony, and ways that Christ calls them to live a life pleasing to God. Our current needs are for small group leaders, production (sound and slides specifically), hosts for games/hospitality, and people who are called to witness to students. Our hope is that we can eventually have enough volunteers to rotate our teams in order to give you rest but you will not be turned away from giving our students attention and making them feel at home in the church. 

Small Group Leaders- These leaders will take a small group of students and walk through our discussion questions with them. Leading a group means that you must have the ability to comprehend the lesson in a way that can redirect the questions for the purpose of having the students understand what God requires from us in our lessons. 

Production- We are looking for people who are experienced with sound and light boards and running ProPresenter. We are willing to help you learn how to use these systems as it is less involved as typical Sunday morning service. There will also be opportunity, depending on skill level, to teach our students how to use these systems as well so that they feel empowered to serve on Sunday mornings as well. 

Hospitality- This spot has THREE main areas. One, setting up for our Sunday night TSM meeting. Brennen is usually there at 3:30 p.m. to turn on lights, practice music, and make sure the computer is running but there is more to do. Our setup team will be setting up snacks and lobby area along with whatever game we may be playing that night so helping make sure that nothing is overlooked will ensure the best experience for our students. Two, we need people greeting our students and parents as they come to the church. In an effort to partner with parents in our ministry, we want our parents to know that their student is being discipled by people that care about them as well. Our students need to see a smiling face as soon as they arrive so that they know we are happy they are here and that we want to be present with them. Three, if you are gifted at coming up with games, running games, or you’re the life of the party then we can use your help running games. Brennen loves to have fun with the students but could use some help when it comes to fun games that we can play to get students excited.  If you feel called to any of these areas or you feel like you are called to help disciple students from 6th to 12th grade, please contact Brennen Barber at brennen@trailside.church to see how you can begin serving the next generation of our church!

NOTE: ALL Volunteers must have a background check completed prior to serving with ANY Trailside students under the age of 18! A background check link can be provided by our Pastors at your request.