All Serve Team Member Standards


  • Pastoral Team: Pastor Sean Gajda, Pastor Marcus Jones (,
  • Serve Team Huddle: Pastoral Team, Jebediah Bubb, Brennen Barber (,


Team Leads: Positions & Contact Information

  • Production Team Lead: Dusty Kennon (
  • Host Team Lead: Sarah Didrikson (
    • Prayer Team Leads: Pastor Marcus Jones (
    • Security Team Lead: Joseph Fuller (, Charles Davis
  • TrailKids Team Lead: Kim Searcy (
  • Worship Team Lead: Jebidiah Bubb (


**Should issues arise that cannot be resolved, take the issue to your Team Lead - if they are unable to resolve the issue, it will be brough to Pastor Sean.

  • Team Leads are in charge of scheduling their respective serve teams, so for any scheduling issues, they are your point of contact!


Serve Team Huddle

Purpose: To allow all of our serve team members to gather to receive important information and have a moment together in prayer and fellowship to posture our hearts to serving the Lord before we begin serving.

  • Times to be aware of:
    • Arrive early - serve team huddle STARTS at 9:45am - arrive by 9:30am for coffee & check-in
      • Be sure to grab a Serve Team Member Tag when you check in!

      • If you are coming late, be sure to contact your Team Lead.

    • Serve Team Check-in: 9:30am at the Information Table

    • Serve Team Huddle: 9:45am in the Sanctuary

  • Accept requests & commit EARLY - this makes Sundays go smoother for everyone, and allows our teams to operate on a system, rather than gathering serve team members at the last minute.

  • Communion Sundays: On weeks we do communion, we will do communion at the Serve Team Huddle as a group! That way, all of our serve team members are able to take part in this sacrament as a group

  • Please do your best to clean up your area after service - many hands make light work!

  • Please grab a serve team member tag - this helps guests know who is available to answer their questions.


ChMS/Elvanto - Trailside's Church Management System

  • Download the Elvanto app! Note: This is different from the Trailside App

    • Android:

    • iPhone:

    • Domain for Elvanto app to sign in:

    • How to sign in/get username and password information

      • Contact Pastor Marcus at if you need your current username and password - you will then recieve an email asking you to update or set your password - and once you do that you should be able to access your profile!
      • If you do not yet have an account, you can create one from the login menu by clicking "sign up" at the bottom of the login page.
      • Make sure you click “save” on your profile when you make any changes!
      • NOTE: If you’re not scheduled for that week, you won’t be able to see the corresponding service - you can only see ones you are scheduled for on the Elvanto app

  • Please block out dates you cannot serve, and let your Team Lead know of your unavailability by selecting "Scheduling Preferences" under "Volunteering" in your member profile.


How to Set Your Serve Team Preferences:

1. Log in to your Elvanto account 

2. Go to your profile (in the top right corner on the home page, you should see your name and your picture if you have added one - click on that and select "Profile")

3. Once you are on your proile, scroll down and look for "Volunteering" on the lefthand side of your profile, in the same column as your profile picture. Underneath that heading you will see:

- Roster will lead you to a list of every service you have confirmed being scheduled for in the coming weeks.

- Scheduling Preferences is where you can set how many times per month you would like to serve, and your preferences for each serve team you are currently approved to serve in. If you do not have a preference or wish to serve every week, you are free to leave each section marked "as often as needed"/"unlimited." Note, if this area is blank, that means your volunteer departments have not been set; talk to your team lead to ensure that you have been assigned correctly.

NOTE: If there is a serve team you would no longer like to serve on, or one you would like to join, please let me know by email and I can adjust that for you and get you connected to the right Team Lead if need be!
Unavailability is where you can put in all of your dates where you know you cannot serve, due to travel, scheduling conflicts, etc! This is immensely helpful for your Team Leads to know so that we do not unknowingly schedule you while you are out of town or unable to serve.

4. Be sure to save your preferences once you set them!

Important Security Information

  • Kids Ministry: In order to keep our children's ministry secure, no one is allowed onto our Kids Ministry hall except kids min serve team members that are scheduled for that particular Sunday. 
  • Staff Hallway: The only serve team members allowed on the staff hall once service has begun are band members during transitions in worship.
  • Be aware of who is running security for the morning - if anything or anyone seems suspicious, bring it to the attention of the assigned Security Lead