The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship program at Trailside is overseen by Pastor Marcus Jones and consists of three 8-week courses: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS), Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR), and Emotionally Healthy Woman (EHW). The EHS and EHR courses are both taught and led by Pastor Marcus Jones. The Emotionally Healthy Woman course, which launched September 29, 2021, is led by Lee Firtko! Elder Mike Schrock, likewise, teaches the EHS course. At Trailside, it is our mission and vision to love Jesus, serve others, and live unified, and we are to be a refuge for the hurting and a refinery for the saints. These courses align with the mission and vision of Trailside Church, and aim believers toward a closer walk with Christ through practical skills, deep discussions, and prayer - to say the least.

Interested in registering? Find the registration forms under the specific course in the left column or down below. Please note, it is highly recommended that you take Emotionally Healthy Spirituality or Emotionally Healthy Woman first before taking Emotionally Healthy Relationships.  There is currently no cost to attend the course, but you will need to purchase materials from the publisher (link provided in the registration form) or the church directly. Please let Pastor Marcus know if you would like to purchase books from the church by e-mailing him at Please make sure as you register that you read and follow the instructions at the top of the respective form.

These courses were created by Peter Scazerro and his wife Geri, and have been a journey for them and their church for over 25 years. You can find information on the EHD courses and more here. For information about the courses here at Trailside and when they are taking place, please reach out to Pastor Marcus at Pastor Marcus is also raising his salary for the remainder of 2022. To help support him and the Care Ministry at Trailside, please click here and select "Jones Family Support" under "Give To:" in the upper-right. A portion of this amount also goes toward purchasing course materials to not allow cost to be a barrier for those who need it. Thank you!


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