One thing you'll hear regularly around the halls of Trailside Church is that we believe if we shut our doors and no one missed Trailside, we probably did not need to exist anyway. Thankfully, we have been given an amazing church full of people who believe that the mission of Trailside Church is one worth being a part of. 

The honest truth of it all is that it can be hard to take that first step, so we want you to feel at home and comfortable doing just that. We would love for you to click on any of the boxes below and get more information about who we are and how you can be a part of a community of people in all different steps of life living in true community with each other as we grow closer to Jesus together.

         Are you looking for real relationship? Check out our community groups. Wanting to dive in and serve? We are always growing our serve teams, from parking lot to worship and children. Do you need a night off? Come drop your kids off at Parents Night Out and let us give you a break for free. If you are ready to hear more about who we are as a church, join us at Growth Track where you can meet our team, learn about our church, and learn about how God has gifted you to be a part of it! Also, if you are interested in baptism or child dedication, we've got a button for that as well and would be honored to speak more in depth with you on that as well!

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