Dedication and Baptism At Trailside

At Trailside we regularly celebrate baptism as a public acknowledgement of God's saving grace in the life of a new believer. We believe baptism is a one-time step in the life of a follower of Christ (Acts 8:26-40). We practice baptism by immersion, in which the celebrant sits in the baptismal waters, symbolizing their old self, are laid down in the water to symbolize our death with Christ (Galatians 2:20), and we are pulled from the waters into new life just as Christ's death and resurrection pulls us from our own eternal death into eternal life. We would love the opportunity to celebrate baptism with you at Trailside Church! If you are interested, please sign up below!

Although not expressly stated and displayed within scripture, baby dedications are a practice of welcoming a new child into the family of Christ in order for the church to celebrate the child's birth, commit to praying for a loving the child with the parents, and to agree with the parents that this holy moment is because of God's gift of the child into the parents' lives. Much like Hannah prayed in 1 Samuel 1:11, we believe that each child God gives us is so that we may fulfill His glory as we commit to Him that we will raise them as people who fear the Lord and follow His commands. Parents who desire to have their children dedicated will be sent a short document to study before confirming the vows to each other, their child, and the church. If you are interested, please sign up below!


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